Temp/Agency Work

At Internet Home Loans we can assist Temporary and Agency workers to get into a home loan. These types of applications are not prime so therefore the need for assistance of an experienced mortgage broker to get the deal over the line is so important.

At Internet Home Loans these are transactions that we have had success in the past with and will continue to have success with for the right applicant.

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Self-Employed Home Loans

At Internet Home Loans we are specialists at helping self-employed applicants get APPROVED. The way we submit will depend on your current situation. We will look at things like income verification, deposit, security and several other variables that make a difference.

New Start Employment

At Internet Home Loans we have several options for new start employees. Most financiers are extremely strict when it comes to new start employees. However we do have several lenders that for the right person, would be prepared to look outside the box.

Please enquire with an Internet Home Loans consultant today to find out what on offer.

Commission only income home loans

Commission only income home loans are a home loan which is dear to a mortgage broker’s heart. Most mortgage brokers are paid on a commission only basis so we completely understand the difficulty in obtaining finance when you are only paid on commission. There are many options available to a commission only employee to secure a home loan.

If your overall profile is strong we can easily obtain finance for you with prime interest rates.

Enquire with a professional mortgage broker from Internet Home Loans to find out more.

Pensions, Allocated Pension Income

At Internet Home Loans we can provide Home Loans for applicants who have any type of allocated pension. So long as we can determine that the pension is ongoing and permanent we have options to provide finance through several lenders we work with.

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Casual employement

If you are working under a casual basis, you may find it difficult to get you home loan approved. There are many lenders including most banks which have strict guidelines in regards to what they are prepared to provide if casually employed.

When dealing with Internet Home Loans we have access to all funders across the nation giving us long reach and flexibility with our casual employee customers.

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Unusual Employment Loans, Employment Out-side the Box

At Internet Home Loans we have the smarts, lenders and systems to get tricky deals over the line. There are many types of different employment arrangements that we can provide finance for such as;