Investment home loans

Thinking about buying an Investment Property? Contact Internet Home Loans to see which Home Loan for Investment is available to you.

Your home loan for investment can be for any form of investment, that is, you are not limited to just purchasing an investment home or property. Most home loan lenders will allow you to unlock equity in your property for any worthwhile purpose. In fact, most home loan lenders require little or no detail as to what your worthwhile purpose is… of course they do need to know that you will be comfortable in repaying the funds they advance.

Your home loans for property investment can be fully verified, low-doc or no-doc depending on your individual circumstances and needs. Lender fees, rates and policies vary substantially across each of these investment home loan products. This is where your investment home loan broker from Internet Home Loans can be your greatest asset. Understanding lender’s home loan policies and correct presentation of your application can be the difference in achieving your investment home loan goals.

Most investment lenders will indicate a different maximum borrowing capacity regarding your home loan for investment. Again, our understanding and access to individual lender’s policies and calculation methods gives you the peace of mind to know that the investment home loan you apply for is achievable.

At Internet Home Loans our professional mortgage brokers, who most are property investors themselves, can guide you through the maze and discuss things like deprecation of property, capital gains tax, negative gearing, rental income, buying tips, and the like, all in great detail. As said before, most of our mortgage brokers are actively investing in property. So not only do they know the theory behind it but they also practitioners of property investment. You will get expert advice from professionals that have done this before.