Home Loan Refinance

Save money and have one loan repayment with a debt consolidation home loan You can use available equity in your existing home or investment property to combine all your debts into one loan repayment with a secure debt consolidation home loan. In almost all cases, your monthly repayment commitment will be reduced freeing up some of your hard earned funds. Pay additional funds back into your home loan to minimise interest costs or use your extra for anything you like… the choice is yours!

Why pay high credit card rates or consumer finance rates when you could be paying lower residential home loan rates? Perhaps your business overdraft, business loan or lease could be consolidated with your home loan to help make your monthly commitments more manageable. If you have multiple home loans, personal loans, business loans, credit cards etc, changing to one loan repayment using a debt consolidation home loan may provide the perfect option for you.

Most home loan lenders will allow you to split your home loan into appropriate portions so that you can receive separate statements to help you manage your finances. This is particularly useful if you wish to separate business debts into one loan repayment separate from home loan debts so that relevant accounting can take place eg tax deductions on interest paid for business purposes etc. Make life easier, one loan repayment and a debt consolidation home loan today!