Equity Home Loans

Unlock equity from your home loan for personal use. Your home loan equity is a line of credit that you can use for any purpose, eg a new car, holiday, renovations, investments, debt consolidation etc.

Unlock your equity for personal use, to consolidate debt, to purchase an investment!

Most home loan lenders are comfortable with you unlocking equity for any worthwhile purpose. In fact, many home equity release loan lenders require little or no detail as to what your worthwhile purpose is… of course they do need to know that you will be comfortable in repaying they funds when you draw upon them.

Some common reasons our customers unlock equity:

·         Purchase a vehicle or go on a holiday

·         Consolidate other loans or credit cards with their home loan

·         Make funds available for investment

·         Purchase an investment property

·         Purchase a business

·         Renovate the home or add a pool and landscapin

·         Assist another family member with a family equity home loan

Your equity home loan can be “fully verified” , “low-doc” or “no-doc” depending on your individual circumstances and needs. Lender fees, rates and policies vary substantially across home equity loan products. This is where your equity home loan broker from Internet Home Loans can be your greatest asset. Understanding lender home loan policies and correct presentation of your home loan application can be the difference in achieving your equity home loan goals.