Fixed Rate Home Loans

Going for a fixed rate home loan is a big financial decision that needs to be looked at seriously. There definite benefits involved in fixing your rate but there are several important factors that need to be considered.

Are rates potentially going to go up? Are rates going to be going down?

What is your 3 year plan? What is your 5 year plan? What is your 10 year plan?

Costs involved if for whatever reason I need to break out?

Fixing your rate is a serious decision that requires a lot of analysis. The hardest part about coming to a decision is that the questions that need to be answered are unknown in most cases. To a point speculating where rates will be going in the future is like playing blackjack.

No-one can predict the future, nor can they predict rates.

When fixing a rate, the most important factor is to work out that the repayment when fixing is a repayment that fits perfectly within your budget today and moving forward. What happens with rates moving forward should not be considered.

Lock and forget is the attitude that must be taken. If they go down, it’s bad luck. If they go up, well it’s great news.

If you have any intentions of selling your property, refinancing your home loan or making large one off payments, a fixed rate home loan is not the product for you.

At Internet Home Loans we can provide a range of Fixed Home Loans from: 

  • 1 year fixed rates
  • 2 year fixed rates
  • 3 year fixed rates
  • 5 year fixed rates
  • 10 year fixed rates
  • 15 year fixed rates
  • 20 to 30 year fixed rates


If it’s a fixed rate home loan or a fixed rate with a split let Internet Home Loans compare from our panel of lender to find you a great deal.