Bad Credit Home Loans

If you're struggling to get your home loan approved, Internet Home Loans can help. If you are outside the box, main stream lenders do not want to listen. At Internet Home Loans we have lenders and brokers who know how to prepare, submit and organise mortgage applications that don't fit within mainstream lending guidelines.

We can facilitate and provide funding for a range of scenarios that just don't "fit the box".

We can help customers with a range of issues like:

Credit rating issues
Previous debt agreements (Part 9)
Ex – BankruptsCustomers with court judgements listed
Customers with defaults listed
Mortgage arrears and much more.

Each and every scenario is different and complex and it's best to speak with a professional mortgage consultant to discuss what can be done over the phone. Call Internet Home Loans today!

Credit Enquiries

A credit enquiry is listed once an application has been put up for review with a lending institution. A credit enquiry is NOT a credit check. A credit check is performed by yourself or your advisor. It's a check to simply view your credit file.

A credit enquiry is listed and recorded. It's important to be weary not to have too many credit enquiries listed in a short period of time. Lenders negatively look upon too much credit activity and it could possible effect obtaining approval.

At Internet Home Loans we perform credit checks on all customers who have bad credit. We only however make one enquiry with the one funder we submit your application to.

Credit Rating

A credit rating is a rating which a lender determines for you based on your credit score. Most financiers now operate under the same model but all have their own internal formulas they use to calculate a score.

At Internet Home Loans our consultants know how each lender and their scoring works. This knowledge and skill is invaluable to have on your side when trying to get a tricky deal approved.

Credit Repair

If you have a bad credit history, fixing your credit file is definitely something worth considering. It's not a must however having a decent credit rating will put you in the right direction for a great deal on your next home loan.

Fixing your credit file is not easy to do nor is it free. There are several companies that you can employ to get your defaults, judgment and the like delisted. Charges do vary and there is no guarantee's but it's definitely worth a try.

Defaults, Judgments & Serious Credit Infringements

Defaults, judgements and serious credit infringements can hinder the approval process in a big way. Most funders are not prepared to lend to customers who have any of these issues on their credit file.

At Internet Home Loans we have access to several boutique lenders available in the market that are prepared to give people a second chance if they can reflect good current financial position.

FAQ is - What do you and don't you accept?

It's an extremely hard question answer and there is no one right answer for you. We ask that you call to discuss your scenario further. From there we will be able to advise further on the cans and can nots.

Just because you have issues on your credit file it does not mean that you cannot all own the great Australian dream.

Bankruptcies & Debt Agreements

Bankruptcies (Part 10) and Debt Agreements (Part 9) are all very serious credit issues to have on your credit file, however they do happen.

A bankruptcy can happen to anyone. There is a whole array of reasons as to what could lead someone into bankruptcy.

From a lending point of view, there are options available if you would like to borrow money however there are obviously restrictions to what can be done.

For staters being discharged from your bankruptcy is a must. To find out more it's best to consult with an Internet Home Loans professional to run through all the bit and pieces.

Speak with a consultant today and get the whole picture.

Debt Consolidation, Refinance, Home Loan & Mortgage Refinance

At Internet Home Loans we can consolidate all outstanding consumer high interest bearing facilities into one payment provided there is enough equity for the loan to be secured against.

Consumer debt like credit cards, personal loans and the like are the worst type of consumer debt you can have and all bear the highest of interest.

If you're swimming in debt and struggling to keep afloat, week to week, and have a property behind you with equity, a debt consolidation loan is the answer for you. We could save you thousands per month.

Talk with us today to get a debt consolidation loan immediately.

Mortgage in Arrears, Home Loans in Arrears

Are you a few months behind in your mortgage payments? At Internet Home Loans we can help. Your mainstream funders will always decline any deal if any repayments are behind, they are extremely strict on this and will not budge regardless of the explanation.

Luckily enough, if a good reason can be provided, there are non-conforming lenders and boutique lenders ready to lend.

Getting loans refinanced if you have mortgage arrears is not an easy exercise but not impossible. The key to success is the benefit. If the refinance is going to place you into a better financial position, a repayment that will take you out of financial stress, we are half way there.

Call an Internet Home Loans professional consultant to discuss you position today. All enquiries are welcomed.

Refinance your Bad Credit Loan, Refinance Bad Credit Home Loan

Have you been with a non-conforming lender for a few years and sick of paying the high interest rate? If you are currently in this predicament, contact us today. There is no need to pay sub-prime rates for the rest of your loan term. A non-conforming loan is a great short term fix, is a means to an end, but that is as far as it goes.

So long as you can demonstrate that your non-conforming home loan account has performed since its inception, we can easily refinance your deal into a prime product with the cheapest rate in the market.

Contact us today to find out more.