100% home loans / No deposit home loans

No home loan deposit? No problem! Australia's leading home loan specialist can arrange 100% home loans to keep your dream alive. Contact Internet Home Loans about 100 percent home loans now.

Need a "no deposit" home loan? Internet Home Loans makes borrowing for a 100% home loan possible.

YES, you can borrow 100% of the purchase price for your home or current value of your home. In some cases, more than a 100% finance to allow funds for costs or to consolidate other debts.

The 100% of the past however is now no longer available.

The only way in today’s market to finance 100% is through cross collateralisation meaning that equity from a guarantor in order for you “the buyer” to get 100% finance will be required.

If a guarantor is unavailable unfortunately 100% finance is not available. The maximum would be 95%.

If a security guarantee (family pledge) is available we can definitely provide funding and at prime rates. We can also discuss you paying no lenders mortgage insurance by taking advantage of the equity which your guarantor has built up in his or her property.

If a 100% Guarantor (family pledge) home loan is something that you’re interested in please enquire today to discuss your options.